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Ad Sales
Video marketing and content creation for businesses through third party validation, expert marketing, and local advertising.
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Ad Sales

Is advertising still effective in the age of DVRs and Podcasts?


Yes! People still watch live TV and commercials still work. That is why major brand advertisers still spend millions every year on commercials.


The key is matching up the advertiser with programming that draws an audience looking to make a purchase. That is what we do at Centerpost Media. We create programming to draw an audience with buying power. We also create trending shows or current event programming that viewers watch live.




Call To Action

The Perfect Commercial Spot For Your Business


We can create the perfect commercial spot for your business using the tried and true formula: Hook, Need, Solution and Call to Action. A hook that gets the viewer’s attention, present a need or problem followed by a solution. Finally, the call to action tells viewers where to go to purchase your product or service.


The purpose of brand advertising is to raise awareness of your business and drive results. The key to mass communication is frequency and consistency.  The average viewer needs to see a spot seven times before recognizing the brand. So we not only can create that amazing spot for your business, we can air it on national or local TV.


To find out how we can help create and air a commercial spot for your business, click on the contact us link to schedule a call with one of our team members. We look forward to talking to you, but most of all we look forward to getting results for your business!