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Video marketing and content creation for businesses through third party validation, expert marketing, and local advertising.
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Become an Affiliate

Benefits of our Affiliate Programs

Want to tap into a marketing power of 90 million social media followers? Centerpost Media is not your typical media company. We understand the need to draw an audience to your TV or Radio Station, Cable system or streaming platform. That is why we leverage the following of our show hosts and programmers to drive an audience to your distribution. When we work together, everyone wins.

Our networks are designed to drive results for you.



Create. Build. Manage.

This network connects your distribution with your local business community. Most business networks focus on Wall Street, we focus on what matters to the everyday business. BizTV attracts entrepreneurs, business leaders, solo-preneurs and want-a-preneurs to your platform. These are the decision makers. Get the business leaders watching your outlet and you will get the business leaders buying advertising or services from you.


Ask about how we are localizing the content to highlight businesses in your area. We rolled this out in Dallas and in nine months the market was profitable!


YTA / Youtoo America


Always Trending.

This is not your old-school entertainment channel. This is the digital water cooler for the next generation, an interactive linear channel that talks about the day’s trending topics. America Trends hits on what America is talking about from an apolitical perspective. Just present the facts! On the weekends we accumulate content that has a cult following. On Saturday nights you will meet the “millennial Elvira” as Ivonna Cadaver takes her loyal fans through a popular scary or classic horror movie. Kimberly Quigley is the modern day “pinup model” as she invites celebrities to take a seat in her red booth and discuss their art.


New this fall is original dramas and comedies from Popstar! TV. Popstar! Magazine is read by 4.5 million millennials, hitting a key demographic of females 18-26. Ask how you can leverage this following to grow results for your brand!



Create. Build. Manage.

The radio sister network to BizTV, BizTalkRadio connects your radio station with the local business community. We provide you with high quality national shows that have a local sound. All of our hosts will create liners for your station and read local commercials.


Ask how our affiliates use BizTalkRadio to drive ad revenue for their other stations. Did we mention no BMI or ASCAP fees?

All three networks are provided to you turnkey. We make it easy so you can focus on building loyal viewers and more revenue.


To schedule a call with one of our team members, click on the contact us button. We look forward to the call, but most of all we look forward to getting you results!