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Rosaline Ogbechie, VP of Accounting and HR
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Rosaline Ogbechie, VP of Accounting and HR

Rosaline is a Professional Accountant with over 20 years’ experience in the Finance sector, working in various industries, spanning 3 continents: Europe, Africa, and Americas. With her extensive experience in financial planning & analytics, project management, budgeting and reporting, she brings a wealth of skills, knowledge, and positivity.


She is dedicated, driven, detail-oriented and is known for her focus on ‘People’ and ‘Teamwork’ as the key to accomplishing the highest levels of success.


Rosaline is also a certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist and is devoted to and passionate about helping people live fit & healthy lifestyles that is sustainable through exercising and eating healthy. She has an active presence on social media where she inspires, motivates, and influences people positively.


Rosaline has been married for 15 years and has 2 children. She loves watching TV, playing, and winning at Chess & Monopoly with her family, and is often referred to as a Dancing Queen.


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