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Are you in need of online video marketing services for your business? We offer quality video marketing solutions at an affordable price. Our video marketing services include Facebook video marketing and personalized video marketing.
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Video drives business!


Having video on your business’s website and social media is no longer an extra. According to Forbes Magazine, 88% of internet users will spend more time on a website that has video than a website that does not. The same study shows that 64% of internet users are more likely to buy a product after watching a video.


Google, the largest search engine, owns Youtube. So it’s not a big surprise that Google updated its algorithm to favor video.


You know you need video, but how do you create a video for business? How much does it cost to create a video? Do you get that 18-year-old niece of yours to bring over her phone and shoot a video? Please don’t!


We can help you create a video for your business that not only looks great, but gives your business third-party validation and expert marketing. That is our secret sauce and it’s what sets us apart from other companies that offer video marketing solutions.


The Secret Sauce


We own TV shows and are a video production company in Dallas Fort Worth. We interview you about your business on one of our national or local TV shows. You are the expert. We just highlight how you are an expert. That is expert marketing. The video showcases why someone should do business with you.


Did you catch that you will be on TV? That is third-party validation. Don’t just create a video talking about how great your business is, let one of our amazing TV hosts talk about your amazing business.


Finally, our video marketing solutions get both direct and indirect results. We will air your interview either nationally or in your local market. That brings you direct results. We then give you a copy of your interview along with some social media clips. Once on your website and social media, you will get indirect results from visitors to your sites.


To find out more about getting results for your business through video, click contact us to schedule a call with one of our team members. We look forward to talking to you, but most of all we look forward to getting results for your business!