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Video marketing and content creation for businesses through third party validation, expert marketing, and local advertising.
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Get Results

A Unique Approach to Marketing

Centerpost Media is a different kind of Media Company.  Founded by serial entrepreneur and media disruptor Ed Frazier, Centerpost Media was built on the foundation of helping you build your business.


We live in amazing times, with more access to content then ever before.  Business marketing has changed. How do you create new business opportunities where prospective customers’ attention is divided with social media platforms, broadcast, cable, podcast and smart phone apps?


You need a corporate strategy on how to build wealth in the new emerging markets.  That strategy has to include online video. You need a business video.  Video marketing for business is no longer an option.


Centerpost Media is all about helping you create video to drive business. Sure, there are other media companies that create video. But Centerpost Media videos create value, building wealth for your business.


How do we do this? We are not a production company. We are not a broadcast company. We are a results and expert driven media company.

According to Forbes, the average internet user…

Spends more time on sites with video than without0%
More likely to buy a product after watching a video0%
Mobile consumption on video doubles every year0%
Recall a video ad they’ve viewed for at least 30 days0%

Exposure and Validation

We own distribution channels that broadcast online, on demand, live, on cable, broadcast, and radio. We own shows that draw in viewers interested in small business ideas, business to business, building a business, growth markets, new markets, business skills, business ideas, creating wealth or wealth creation, equity and leadership skills.


We place you in these shows with a trained host to interview you about your business. You get direct results from viewers looking for your product or service. But you get indirect results by using the content on your website and social media. This is third-party validation. Don’t talk about how good you are, let us coach you to a great interview to show prospective clients how GREAT you are.


To find out how we can help you click here to schedule a no obligation call.

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We can help you create a video for your business that not only looks great, but gives your business third-party validation and expert marketing. Learn More.


We successfully match the advertiser with programming that draws an audience looking to make a purchase.
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By hosting or producing your own TV or radio show, you can benefit from the ultimate in expert marketing.
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