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Advertising with traditional media in the Digital Age
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Advertising with traditional media in the Digital Age

Advertising with traditional media in the Digital Age

I often get asked how advertising in traditional media is fairing in a digital Internet age.  It’s a fair question and many advertisers I talk to will say “I have moved all my advertising expenditures to Digital”.   At BizTV we are keenly aware of the benefits of digital advertising.  That is why we incorporate digital into our matrix of video marketing delivered through BizTV.  We start with an appearance on our TV broadcast but that is just the start.  We are able to take the video created by the appearance and extend its purpose to social media, youtube, facebook, and websites.  An appearance on BizTV provides a third-party validation and puts the interviewee at ease and natural during the interview.  Leveraging the video in the digital realm is an effective way to extend the reach of a message.

So, what is the role of traditional media?   Broadcast and cable distribution access an audience that may never find a message on digital.  There are millions of digital sources for viewers to enjoy so rising above the clutter is a challenge.  With Broadcast according to Nielsen almost 20% of homes access TV via free over the air antennas, or video streaming online.  Said another way, to reach the market advertisers need to apply a mix of advertising sources.   Broadcast, cable and satellite channels are limited to a set number of channels which means much less clutter.  With the traditional media they can drive viewers to online websites. One may notice a number of commercials today are promoting online platforms.  It’s an effective way to drive online.  The savvy online services are learning how to integrate traditional media with digital for the greatest results. 

– Ed Frazier, Entrepreneur

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