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Why Video Marketing Is Important for Business
Video marketing and content creation for businesses through third party validation, expert marketing, and local advertising.
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Why Video Marketing Is Important for Business

Why Video Marketing Is Important for Business

It was July 1st of 1941 when baseball fans were tuned in to WNBT (WNBC Channel Four) to watch the Philadelphia Phillies take on the Brooklyn Dodgers. Before the first pitch viewers noticed something different from the normal WNBT test pattern. It was a clock face with the message, “Bulova Watch time.”  And with that announcement, video TV advertising was born.

It’s hard to imagine watching a sporting event without seeing several video ads today. But it was the Super Bowl in 2004 that lead to a new age of video advertising that is still shaping how businesses communicate their message today.

On February 1, 2004, CBS broadcast Super Bowl XXXVIII live from Houston. But it wasn’t the matchup between the North Carolina Panthers and the New England Patriots that changed advertising forever, it was actually the Halftime Show featuring Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson.  Famously known as “Nipplegate,” Timberlake exposed Janet Jackson’s breast during the live broadcast.

Like millions watching around the world, Jawed Karim wondered if what he saw with his own eyes was in fact Janet Jackson’s bare breast. But Karim was frustrated when he could not easily find a video clip of the event online. So Karim, Steve Chen and Chad Hurley invented YouTube.  Less than two years later they sold YouTube to Google for 1.65 billion dollars.

It was the sale of YouTube to Google that set the stage for why businesses need video advertising.  A household name today, Google has been around since January of 1996 and has long dominated the internet search engines.  Google owns over 70% of the search market share. is the number one website. And is number two.

So how exactly does video play a role in marketing today? Simply put, without a website it is difficult for a business to find new customers.  In fact, some recent studies have shown between 70-80% of prospects will go online before visiting a business in person. It is not enough to have a website, business need to make sure their website is at the top of the Google search.

Remember Google owns 70% of the search market share. Each year, Google will make hundreds of changes to their algorithm on how websites get discovered. Remember, Google owns YouTube. So it’s not surprising that the owners of YouTube would make video a key component to getting a website discovered.

So business owners today need to make sure they have video on their websites in addition to traditional advertising. The good and bad news is it’s easier then ever to create a video. Good, in that it is an affordable way to introduce a business to prospects. Bad in that while it is easy to create a video, that doesn’t mean the video is good.

To effectively create a video for a website, businesses should consider hiring a professional company. Lighting and audio are both important. Without proper lighting the video is hard to watch. Without proper audio the message is not heard. Remember 70-80% of prospects are being introduced to a business for the first time, so business owners want to make sure they leave a good first impression.

Websites are like department store window fronts use to be. You have to update your site on a regular basis to keep the Google algorithms happy. This means updating the videos on a regular basis.

It’s also important that the video marketing delivers a clear message to the prospect. The best videos offer some helpful tips, while introducing the business.  

Viewers of the 1941 baseball game had no idea just how big video advertising would become. In the same way, we are just starting to scratch the service of how video marketing online will drive business in the future.