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A Season of Gratitude
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A Season of Gratitude

A Season of Gratitude

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays of the year. I love football, food, and family. Throw in a parade and you have the perfect day.

This year feels extra special, because we are hosting extended family that we did not get to see last year. We decided to shelter in place and for the first time in our 20-year marriage, my wife and I spent Thanksgiving at home with just our two daughters. It felt odd, out of place. Quiet. My brother-in-law and his wife alone have six kids, five of whom are boys. I am looking forward to the laughter, the running up and down our stairs, and the tackling of Uncle Scott while he is trying to watch the Cowboys.

In this season of gratitude, I have so many reasons to be thankful. In December of last year COVID hit our home. It was scary at first, but we survived and recovered. Though we have lost loved ones and friends to the pandemic, I am thankful for their memories. And I am blessed with a large family and circle of friends.

But I am equally thankful for our team at Centerpost Media. We have been through a lot together in the past 19-months.

But I am equally thankful for our team at Centerpost Media. We have been through a lot together in the past 19-months. We survived the virus hitting our office, the economic impact of the global shutdown, and a major Texas ice storm that took out our power for a week. Despite all the challenges our company has grown over the past couple of years to add new staff and new markets. We couldn’t have done that without our amazing team.

I am thankful for the vendors who work hard to keep our networks on the air and provide services that allow us to better serve our members. I am thankful for the members who have entrusted us with their marketing, content, and media needs.

And I am thankful for you taking the time to read this weekly blog.

What are you thankful for this year?

Scott Miller is the CEO of Centerpost Media, host of the Create. Build. Manage. Show (seen on BizTV, heard on BizTalkRadio, and available wherever you listen to podcasts,) and a member of the Forbes Agency Council, Entrepreneur Leadership Network, and Dallas Business Journal Leadership Trust. You can find Scott on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter via “@scottmillerceo” or on LinkedIn via “@scottmillermedia.” Centerpost Media is a content marketing agency with a vision to help every business they encounter with their media needs by providing outstanding quality, service and value. Centerpost Media is the parent company to BizTV, BizTalkRadio, BizTalkPodcasts and Bizvod.